Every Picture has a Story

Every Picture has a Story!

Brugge Wanderings 2006 & 2011

I constantly observe my surroundings. Many times, I visualize compositions without having my camera with me.

In the spring of 2006, I was with my family, visiting Brugge, Belgium. We walked past the Saint Salvator Cathedral and I took a quick snapshot of these two statues.

On down the street, we made a change of plans. My husband and daughter had their heads together, studying the map to figure out how to get to another part of the city. I liked the way they looked, so I took this photo:

As I looked through the viewfinder to get the photo above, that roving eye of mine noticed the statue behind them, the red door framed behind him. It so captured my eye; I mumbled to my husband and daughter (not audible to them) and went off to take the photo below. They looked up from their map to find I had disappeared. “Ah, where is she now?”  Knowing me, they realized I had seen something that I felt I needed to photograph and looked around the area to find me.

The green of the shrubs, the green of the algae on the tree and statue—with that red door in the background really moved me. This photo has been a popular point of discussion at exhibitions. The first and second of the edition of this photo have sold—both to buyers who moved to Houston, Texas after purchasing their print from me in The Hague. Incidentally, my husband is very fond of this image.


I had the opportunity to go back to Brugge in Spring of 2011. I walked to the Saint Salvator Cathedral to visit this statue and see if there was a name or plaque at the bottom to identify him. I rounded the corner and the whole churchyard was torn up, bulldozed and bare earth. What a shock!

I didn’t want to walk across the mud, so I walked the other way around the back of the cathedral to see if I could locate the statues. By the temporary entrance, in a sort of holding pen, there were the two statues on temporary metal brackets. The statue from my photo is there on the left. They are still very attractive, but the algae, which had appealed to me, had been cleaned from the statues. I was pleased to see them set aside and protected, of course.


In photography, as with many other pursuits, luck and good timing is helpful. In the spring of 2006, I had good timing. In the spring of 2011, the same location was not such a lovely photographic zone. I was so grateful for my luck on the earlier visit after the recent encounter. I hope to go back to Brugge in the future and see how the cathedral, statues and grounds look after the renovations are complete.