I grew up with a fascination for the sky, architecture and landscape scenery. All of these interests are present in my photography. I got my first serious camera thirty-five years ago. It has been a constant in my life through changes and moves. My subject matter has evolved over time, but my camera remains my steadfast companion. A student of Art History for many years, the study of art over the centuries informs me in both traditional and contemporary images.

With structures, it is a challenge to find unusual angles and I often include the sky. At times, the perspective I select is vertigo-inducing and the viewer might wonder if the building is about to topple down on him or her. That is the magic of good architecture—there are so many ways to experience it. The sky is not just blue. There are degrees of blue in the sky worth noting. There has been a tremendous incidence of luck in some images you see here. The sky happened to be stunning that particular day.

Landscapes and scenery are not new subjects. Over centuries, painters brought marvelous landscapes into popularity. All of this time later, we still love to look at those views. Reflections in water and windows can add interest. Living in The Netherlands has afforded me many opportunities to photograph my favorite subjects. Travel to wonderful destinations is easy from this country. Locally, I walk, drive and cycle with an eye to future subjects for my work–it never stops. I hope you find something in this work to delight your eye.